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Adam “Pacman” Jones To Sign With Cincinnati Bengals

Information is coming in via that Pacman Jones will soon be making it rain – errrrr signing in Cincy.  The Bengals – who are always willing to give players 2nd, 3rd, or 15th chances, even if they have shaky reputations – hope Jones will help improve an already excellent secondary.

Jones, by all accounts, has had “zero” problems in the past year; considering he was out of the league with nothing but a lot of free time on his hands, this could mean that he truly has changed his ways.

I am glad he is getting another shot; it’s not like he was accused of “strong arming” multiple women or anything.  I hope it works out; he is still on a very short leash with the league.  Please, Pacman, stay out of the strip clubs.  Especially since the quality of strippers in Cincy isn’t that great.  That’s what I heard, anyway.