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Golf Legend Chi Chi Rodriguez Robbed At Gun Point in Home Invasion

As earlier reported, 74-year-old golf legend Chi Chi Rodriguez was robbed at gunpoint in his home by three men in Puerto Rico yesterday morning and according to police reports, the men made off with over $500,000 in both money and belongings.

TMZ caught up with Chi Chi who shed some light on how it all went down:

Chi Chi says one of the men had a pistol — the other guys were carrying zip ties and duct tape … and immediately tied up the couple, though he notes they were “gentle and very respectful of my wife.”

Rodriguez says the men then proceeded to take everything in the house — jewelry, cash, personal belongings … and even his wife’s wedding ring right off of her finger.

Chi Chi says the whole thing took around 45 minutes — and it was the “scariest situation I’ve ever been in.” Cops and federal authorities are now on the case — so far, no arrests have been made.

Chi Chi says neither he nor his wife were injured — and he’s still planning on making a publicity appearance in South Carolina this weekend.

Is it just me or is he taking this way too well?  Is he aware that he is 74 years old and was robbed at gun point?  I know if I were to get robbed, I’m definitely not going to be giving my robbers a good reference, no matter how gentle they are with my old lady.