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Dwayne Bowe Says He Was Misquoted About Importing Women, But ESPN Has Audio

So a couple of days ago, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe was said to have dry snitched on his teammates in an ESPN interview (which can be read here) in which he allegedly said that his veteran teammates would import “talent” on the road.  Today, when encountered by reporters after practice, he changed his tune and is now saying that he was misquoted by ESPN The Magazine, who has let it be known that there is audio of the interview to validate what they reported.

Here are the transcripts of Bowe’s exchange with the reporters after practice today courtesy of the Kansas City Star:

Reporter: But you were misquoted?
Bowe: “Definitely it was misquoted.”
Reporter: So how was it taken out of context?
Bowe: “The way he took it was totally not the way that I said it. It’s over now.”
Bowe also says he can’t remember if he actually spoke to the writer of the article or not.
Bowe went on to deny that anything like that happens on the road. He said his teammates were OK with him.
He was also asked about his conversation with Todd Haley.
“He just said, ‘D-Bowe, you know what you’ve got to do. This is not your first time getting into something. Get yourself out, do the right thing.’ I apologize to the (Hunts), my teammates and the guys I put in a bind.”

Gary Belsky of ESPN The Magazine later responded to Bowe’s claims:

“We have no reason not to believe it,” Belsky says. “He was being honest. Players are honest with us and they know that we will deal with them fairly. We quoted him at length. We didn’t cut out anything that was significant or that would have changed the nature of the comments.”

I don’t know who Bowe is trying to fool at this point; it’s clear that he slipped up and dry snitched on his teammates, and is now trying to backtrack because he realized that he has broken the code.  What you mean you can’t remember if you actually spoke to the writer?  You’re not Trent Green, you don’t have any concussions; give it up.  The writer has you on tape, dude, no escaping that.  My advice to Bowe at this point is to take the initiative and put in some overtime on MySpace, line up some consolation imports for preseason as a gesture of apology to the teammates that you dropped dime on.  I know if I were one of the teammates he dropped in that situation, I would be tweeting Bowe’s number to @iHateKatStacks as punishment ASAP.