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Lawrence Taylor’s Lawyer Arthur Aidala: LT Had Some Contact With 16 Year Old

I am 99.6% sure they are going with some form of “Clinton Defense”.  To get people to believe that absolutely nothing happened in the Holiday Inn would be insulting people intelligence especially since $300 was exchanged between LT and the pimp. has additional details from LT’s lawyer:

The Hall of Famer’s attorney said evidence will show the linebacker did have “some contact” with the alleged 16-year-old runaway.

“I think that the investigation will bear out that he was in contact with her that night,” Aidala said in an appearance on the Mike Francesa show on WFAN radio. “What exactly happened, I wasn’t there. I think that the evidence will show that there was some contact between the two but it wasn’t sex. Lawrence is saying they did not have sex. I believe he said that. Again I don’t have the statement [Taylor made to the police]. He said he did not have sex with her.”

“I am still investigating,” Aidala said. “I don’t know. We are also going to get the video surveillance from the hotel. Do I think that you are going to see this woman walking into the hotel lobby and a relatively short time later walking out of the hotel lobby? Yes. I think that is what the video is going to show.”

I assume another defense they could be using is that LT paid the pimp, but after seeing the young woman declined to do anything. That is a bit more tricky you know if he actually did something.

The law is pretty cut and dry. If they can prove he had sex with her he is guilty, so I see why his attorney is trying to spin it like nothing happened, even though common sense based off the facts that we currently have makes that unlikely.

Taylor’s attorney says he doesn’t know the pimp, but a 3rd party got in contact with the pimp for Taylor after the 3rd party saw the young woman picture online.

As more evidence and information trickles out, we will be sure to keep you updated.