Manny Pacquiao: “I’ll Agree to Random Blood Tests Up To 14 Days Before Fight” – BlackSportsOnline
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Manny Pacquiao: “I’ll Agree to Random Blood Tests Up To 14 Days Before Fight”

If Pacquiao would have agreed to this before, we would have had a fight back in March, but that is blood – errrrrrrrrr water under the bridge.  Manny says now he is willing to submit to random blood testing if they meet the following requirements:

“As long as they’re not getting a large amount of blood, I am willing to give out blood as close to two weeks before the fight,” Pacquiao told the Manilla Bulletin late Wednesday night.

My thoughts have always been that Pacquiao should just take the tests without any restrictions, but part of a negotiation is being willing to give a little to get a lot.

If the Mayweather camp was willing to accept the 14-day cutoff before, they should now.

They have screwed this fight up once, I would think they wouldn’t want to do it again.

My contention is the fight is more important to the legacy of Mayweather than Pacquiao.

Regardless of what Floyd says in the 24/7, he cares how he is perceived and while he quieted a lot of his critics by whitewashing Shane Mosley, the only way he silences everyone is by beating Manny Pacquiao.

Public opinion is in Mayweather’s favor in regard to the drug testing, but remember – Olympic-style drug testing isn’t required by any boxing state commission, so Floyd needs to be very careful how far he pushes it.

The Pacquiao camp has come out strongly over the last few weeks saying they want the fight, to try to get public opinion in their favor.

Manny himself has been much more vocal than he was before about getting the fight done.

They are putting the pressure on the Mayweather camp to get this signed, sealed, and delivered.

It is the fight that the entire world wants to see, but I will not get my hopes up until there is a signed contract and hopefully that is sooner rather than later.