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Sasha Vujacic vs. Goran Dragic..Who You Got?..Mr. T Weighs In on Beef And Maria Sharapova Pics

Since I no longer have “24” to satisfy my international villain curiosity, this will have to do.

From the time Sasha started to get minutes in the Western Conference Finals, he & Dragic were going at it.  So I put on my detective hat to figure out why all the bad blood.  Here is what I found on the

Dragic explained that the two practiced together with the Slovenian national team for about 15 days last year before The Machine was cut. During that time the guards developed quite the rivalry, which carried into the regular season and obviously Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals.

Goran’s younger borther Zoran, who is a 20-year-old swingman playing for Geoplin Slovan Ljubljana in Slovenia, was in attendance at Friday’s practice and was able to shed some light on the rivalry.

“It was like a little bit tense I think. They’re not good friends,” Zoran said. “They don’t like each other and this happen all the time.”

While Goran expressed his lack of friendship with Vujacic, the Lakers guard wouldn’t even acknowledge Dragic, as he called him “the kid on the other team” in a post-game interview. Vujacic also said that he’d never heard of Dragic when he was back home.

That clears some of the mystery up, but who would win a fight between Sasha and Dragic?  I decided to take the scientific approach and here is what I came up with.

Best Last Name:

That has to go to Dragic.  Sounds like he could be the Villain in a Harry Potter Movie.

Best Nickname:

Come on, there aren’t many better nicknames than “The Machine.” I have it on good authority that Sasha may end up in Part 2 of Kendra Wilkinson’s sex tape. (download the full 26 minute version of her tape here)

Best Girlfriend:

We have no clear ID on Dragic’s woman (I am sure she is hot), but Sasha has him beat by dating Maria Sharapova.  The guys at are not pleased by this (more pics of Miss Sharapova are below to ease their pain).

Better Supporting Cast:

Sasha has Kobe Bryant, so that is pretty much all has to be said.

Funny exchange between Craig Sager and Kobe Bryant on Sasha:

Best fit to Play Mr. T in Rocky Style Movie:

Definitely Dragic, but really I just needed an excuse to post a Mr. T video (he should have gotten an Oscar for Rocky 3).

Seriously, there is no better sound bite in the history of Motion Pictures than this:

Better Hair:

Steve Nash loves Sasha’s Hair.

So there you have it.  In the great battle of Slovenia, The Machine edges out Dragic; we can only hope that next year Phil Jackson doesn’t wait until Game 5 to insert Sasha.  We missed a good four games of flopping and chest-to-chest fake altercations.

I honestly think they should go to see Sex and The City 2 and squash the beef.

Enjoy the Sharapova pics: