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Siohvaughn Wade Now Suing Former Friend Andrea Williams For Defamation

I am starting to think D Wade’s wife is deranged.  Yesterday we reported how Siohvaughn Wade was suing actress Gabrielle Union for breaking up her marriage.

Now she is suing former friend and personal assistant Andrea Williams for defamation; she is accusing her of being in cahoots with Dwyane Wade.

Here are the details from our friends at

According to documents, Siohvaughn Wade has also filed a defamation suit against her former long-time friend Andrea Williams because of “vicious lies” she spread which may have been a reason for the dissolution of her marriage. Andrea Williams served as a personal assistant to Siohvaughn for years before she was terminated in December 2007.

The “lies” which she claims her friend told were:

1. That she had a boyfriend during her marriage
2. She bought her “alleged” boyfriend a house, a Porsche and other expensive items
3. She became pregnant and had a child by that boyfriend which she told Dwayne Wade was his but isn’t
4. She contracted a “loathsome sexually transmitted disease” from this alleged boyfriend

According to the documents, she also believes her friend Andrea “acted in concert with others” including Dwyane Wade and her statements were made to ruin Siohvaughn’s reputation.

Mrs. Wade better be very careful because when you bring about a defamation suit all of your personal business can be used against you.  Miss Williams lawyers will be able to investigate any and all claims.  They will also be able to investigate things that are not public knowledge.

When Roger Clemens tried to sue his former trainer for defamation it did more to harm his reputation than good.

My personal opinion is that Mrs. Wade has some greedy lawyers in her ear and she isn’t thinking clearly.  She needs to come to grips with the fact that Dwyane isn’t coming back and all these lawsuits serve no other purpose than making her look like a bitter and vindictive “basketball wife.”

Beyond all that, she is putting her kids right in the middle of it, which is just an awful thing to do.  You don’t use your kids to try to shame and embarrass your husband.  They are innocent victims in her foolishness.

Hopefully someone who cares about her as a person tells her how bad all of this looks.

I know the saying goes:

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”

But nothing in the quote says how that fury might scar the children for life.  Maybe that should be added to the end of that phrase.