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Tiger Woods’ Neighbor Jerome Adams Launches Tell-All PPV Site

Hat tip to SportsByBrooks on the pic and find.  In the latest trick to make a quick buck, Jerome Adams, Jr. has launched a pay-per-view website in which he documents Tiger Woods’ private life.  How does he have access to Tiger?  Jerome is Tiger’s next-door neighbor in his gated Isleworth community.

Adams is offering video clips at $4 a shot in the hopes of providing “true stories of Tiger’s unscripted persona never shared until now.”  His motivation behind the site is baffling to me; I don’t think he necessarily needs the money, seeing as how his next-door neighbor is Tiger Woods.  Perhaps it’s just a simple matter of wanting a share of the limelight, or a deep, burning need to expose the truth about this monster that is Tiger Woods.  Right.

The Adams’ actually have a connection to the events of that Thanksgiving evening that started the media frenzy; Jerome’s brother, Jarius, provided a statement to the police the night of the Escalade crash.  Soon thereafter Woods’ attorney contacted the Adams’ regarding the statement to be released concerning the accident.  Apparently Jerome has a different take on the events, and promises a video detailing “exactly what happened that night.”

Maybe Tiger’s done something to rub this guy the wrong way, but this is one of the scummier moves pulled by a neighbor that I can think of.  Tiger’s back on the course (kinda), he’s admitted his wrongdoing (which really had nothing to do with anyone aside from his family to begin with), and now he’s in the process of divorcing his wife and working out a custody agreement surrounding his kids.  Now here you are, his neighbor, putting this man on blast?  Jerk move, indeed.  But as long as people have a thirst for knowledge (or gossip, depending on your take) he’ll have a market for his site, and he’ll continue to capitalize on Eldrick’s downfall.  Only in America, right Don King?