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Video: Terrell Owens Wants Halle Berry To Holla at Him

T.O. still doesn’t have a team, but it appears he has much bigger goals in mind. tracked him down in LA and Owens had some interesting things to say about Halle Berry.

If you didn’t know, Miss Berry has broken up with her “Federline” man and T.O. is on the prowl.

When asked what type of game he would spit to Halle his response was:

“Trust me … with a body like this … and a body like hers … I don’t need to spit no game. That’s just real talk.”

While T.O. is busy flexing, it is my job to tell him:


Yes, Halle Berry is fine, but her track record with men is similar to Notre Dame’s track record with coaches after Lou Holtz left.

The Bonafide Crew and I have a few theories why that is:

1- She is awful at breaking lamps.

2- She is super boring.

3- She is crazy behind closed doors.

I have always heard through the grapevine it was a mix of all three with #1 being the prime culprit.  People think because she got it in with Billy Bob Thornton that proves something about her ability to play “Bedgammon.”

All that proved was that she’s a very good actress.

Put me in front of the camera with Halle Berry and I’m sure I would look good too (I can’t confirm or deny there may be some tapes of me floating around the internet confirming that last statement).

Nevertheless, she is beautiful and at BSO we never shy away from showing the ladies if possible, so we have included a few pics.

My advice to T.O. though is to stay away from Miss Berry and work on getting signed, because Halle isn’t going to holla at a street free agent.  Even Pacman Jones has a job.

Does Halle even date the “Chocolate” anymore?  She might be on a strictly “Federline” diet now.