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Dwight Howard Files Civil Contempt Motion Against Baby Mama, Royce Reed For $500K

Just when it looked like 2010 was going to be the year of the Basketball Wives, it looks Royce Reed is about to be in for a shock.

This morning, the attorneys for Magic star Dwight Howard have made a request to a judge to hold Dwight’s baby mama, Royce, in civil contempt and fine her $500,000 … she better step her club appearance game all the way up.

D12’s legal team says that Royce has repeatedly violated an injunction that prohibits her from making any slick remarks about Dwight, as well as forbids her to talk about Howard’s relationship with their son or even using Howard’s name, image, or likeness in any medium that can be accessed by anyone other than Howard and herself (eg. Twitter, Facebook).

The Orlando Sentinel reports

In a motion filed in Orange County Circuit Court, Howard’s legal team claims that Reed posted Twitter messages that portrayed Howard as a liar and as an uncaring father. They also note that Reed, a star of the VH1 reality show Basketball Wives, recently appeared on The Wendy Williams Show and answered questions about Howard.

Alan B. Taylor, Reed’s attorney, told the Orlando Sentinel on Thursday that his client’s tweets and statements “don’t come anywhere near any breach of contract or agreement.”

“Obviously, you’ve got a huge disparity in terms of earnings and income and assets,” Taylor said. “That’s a concern I have here because my client is in no position, like in any case, to go toe-to-toe financially in litigation with the plaintiff. Certainly, anybody can understand that nobody likes to be talked about derogatorily. Certainly, I understand that issue. But I think it’s kind of way overboard, kind of disproportionate. After all, she’s the mother of his child.”

“When all is said and done, it is our full and complete expectation that Royce Reed will be required to comply with the terms of the court-ordered injunction,” C. Anthony Mulrain, Howard’s lead attorney, told the Sentinel.

According to reports, a court hearing on the matter is set for June.11

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