Glen “Big Baby” Davis is Not Pleased With “Laker Fan” Takes It To Twitter – BlackSportsOnline
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Glen “Big Baby” Davis is Not Pleased With “Laker Fan” Takes It To Twitter

I am going to assume Big Baby is talking about the Lakers’ fans booing when Kendrick Perkins got hurt.

A couple of things: the Lakers fans are still jaded about the “Paul Pierce Wheelchair” incident, so I am going to cut them a little slack in that regard. 

Knowing Kendrick Perkins like I do, I knew he wouldn’t pull a “Vince Carter;” he isn’t that type of player, but “casual” basketball fans probably wouldn’t know that.

Secondly, Celtics fans are considered some of the craziest fans in the world (Boston fans in general); I don’t think Big Baby should compare which group is more mean because that is a losing battle.  Booing a player you might think is faking is much different than throwing an object on the floor … like what happened with Kobe Bryant in Game 5.

Lastly, this is not the time for players on the Lakers or Celtics to be on Twitter whining and beefing.

A lot of people’s legacies are on the line, and Big Baby is going to play a huge role with Perkins out.

He needs to stop being so sensitive, get off the computer, and concentrate on what will be the biggest game of his life.

To be more matter-of-fact, he needs to stop being a “Big Baby.”


I really like Big Baby as a player, but he knows he has some “Bobby Trendy” in him.  Nothing wrong with that, but I would love to see him and KG in a VH1 Reality Show.