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Help Wanted: BlackSportsOnline Female Intern Positions Available

A few months ago I put out a help wanted ad for interns for the BSO empire.  The response was more overwhelming than I thought.  In the end we were able to bring on four solid members of the staff (Hassan, Kris, Greg, and Belal).  All have contributed mightily to the site.  Hassan does outstanding with the editing, Kris’ articles have been featured on, Greg’s articles on, and Belal’s articles have been on the front page of  They have allowed yours truly to get back to doing what I do best, which is being me, Robert Littal.

With that being said, unlike most independent sports sites who cater only to the male audience, I have a huge female following.  More than a few of my female readers have asked if a female voice can be heard on BSO.  Since I am a man of the people and always try to give the ladies what they want…

I now need female interns.  Someone who is interested in learning the ins and outs of social media, blogging, and marketing independent web sites.  I’ve been in this game for about five years now.  BSO was open months before MySpace, to give you some perspective.  I learned the hard way by screwing up a lot.  Blogs were barely around when I started I designed the 1st version of BSO using straight HTML code.  Now everyone has a blog and everyone thinks they are going to blow up (just like the rap game), but I can help you get to that point.

Here are the specific job duties for the Intern:

1- Find Stories

Comb the internet (forums, blogs, major sites) looking for interesting and unusual stories for the three main sites that I am running (BSO, & That would be your number one job duty.

2- Answering email

I get anywhere from 50-100 emails a day, so it is hard for me to reply to some of fan mail that comes in.

3- Promotion

Submitting articles to various forums, Digg, BallHype, Google Buzz, etc.

There will be various other projects and some added perks for being part of the BSO empire.

Definitely not a full time gig, but something that I would expect someone to be working on daily.  More details will be given.  If you are interested send an email to [email protected].  Please explain what you think can contribute to the BSO empire.  Doesn’t need to be formal, I am looking for someone who reminds me of myself 5 years ago.