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NFL Offseason News and Notes

I know it is basketball’s time and believe me, I am not trying to upstage the NBA Finals, LeBron-style.  I think there are some interesting NFL stories out there that need a little discussion, so here goes.

Every year, there are things you know will happen each offseason.  Players will hold out for more cash, guys will change agents for various reasons, and Brett Favre will hold a team hostage like he is a villian in 24 (I know the BSO Don still misses 24).  Anyway, this year I think  a few people need to be reported on.

I am going to start with Tom Brady.  I start with him because he is the best player in this group with the highest impact at the most important position.  Tom’s contract is up after this year and assuming he gets through this season healthy and has one of his normal seasons, he could be in line for some major cash.  We know that the Patriots do not exactly like opening up the wallet, but you have to believe they will pay this man.  If they slap the franchise tag on him, why wouldn’t a team like the 49ers gladly pay the two first-round picks for whom people consider at worst to be the 2nd best QB in the game?  Keep an eye on this one, folks.

Let’s stick with the Patriots.  Randy Moss fired his agent.  I don’t think that is a huge deal, mainly becuase Moss is a vetern who knows what needs to be done.  However, this quote is a big deal:

“I wanted to let fans know, this is my year. I’m going to play the year, I’m not coming in to start any conflicts or be disgruntled. I don’t think I’m realistically in the future plans of the Patriots. But if the New England Patriots don’t want me in their future … I understand. I’m not mad.”

I take that to mean: “The Patriots are cheap and we know they won’t pay me my money.  So, I am going to not cause any problems and have a great year, then get my money somewhere else.”  Come to think of it, my first fantasy football tip this year is going to be to grab Tom Brady and Randy Moss if you can.  They will both be highly motivated this year.  As for Moss’ situation, he is as good as gone from New England after this year.

Let’s stay in the AFC East.  The New York Jets have had a busy offseason; they have signed players, made trades, released key guys, the works.  They are on the hook for a lot of money but have issues with two of their most important players, C Nick Mangold and CB Darrelle Revis.

Quickly, Nick Mangold is one of the best centers in the league and is threatening to not come to camp if his contract is not re-done.  They should be able to pay him and move on.

The real story for the Jets is Revis.  It is pretty well known that Revis is the best cornerback in the NFL.  Just ask Ochocinco.  When Raiders CB Nnamdi Asomugha signed a three-year, $45.3 million deal, it was going to be trouble for the next team that had to deal with a great CB.  Since it is accepted that Revis is better than Asomugha, he is probably looking at demanding $16 mil/season.

There are two problems working against Revis; the pending situation with the CBA and the fact that he is locked in for 3 more years.  No one is going to re-do a deal when there might not be football after this season.  Also, he loses leverage because he has 3 years left.  If Revis’ camp can’t accept about $12 mil/season, this could get ugly.

Greg Smith is one of the newest BSO writers and comes from a long background of high school star athletes and arm chair quarterbacks. You can follow Greg on Twitter at