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On This Day In Knicks History…LJ’s 4 Point Play Revisited

Now I know as a Knicks fan right now, there is not a whole lot to be proud or excited about other than the possibility of landing LeBron this summer, so i thought i would take this time to remind Knicks fans of a better time.

Without further adieu…

The Larry Johnson 4-point play, on this day in 1999.

Legendary moment.  I knew in my heart that they were going to lose this game going into the final minute … then they almost throw away the inbound pass, and by some miracle, LJ hits that damn shot … WOW.  I think because I was convinced the season was over at this point, this had to be the most unbelievable moment for me in New York sports fan history, right up there with Eli to Tyree.

*cue violins*

So keep your heads up Knicks fans, I’m sure that the ghost of Eddy Curry will not haunt you for to much longer.  One day the Garden will experience energy like this again.  When that day will be, who knows, but until that day comes always remember that things can’t get any worse than they are right now … Isiah can’t hurt you anymore.

Kris Moyo is one of BSO’s newest writers and comes from a long background of jive talking and pimp walking. You can follow Kris on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/IAMKRIS24