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Report: Elin Nordegren To Get 750 Million In Divorce Settlement From Tiger Woods

Remember when Kobe Bryant bought Vanessa that 6 million dollar, please-dear-god-don’t-leave-me ring after he was caught dry humping in Colorado?

At the time he was blasted for “buying” love and she was blasted for “accepting gifts” to stay.

In the end that $6 million was the best money Kobe ever spent, because he could have been in a Tiger Style situation.

Fox News is reporting that Elin is expected to get $750 million in the divorce settlement with Tiger Woods.

Let me repeat that:


While you let that sink in, here are more details:

Tiger Woods is banned from letting girlfriends near his kids in a divorce deal netting his ex a record $750 million settlement, The Sun reported Wednesday.

The golfer agreed to keep single women away from daughter Sam, three, and son Charlie, one.

He can bring a new flame into their lives only if he marries her. In return, former wife Elin Nordegren, 30, gets the biggest payout ever seen in a celebrity divorce.

“The price of the huge sum is her silence: no interviews, tell-all books, or TV appearances about this for the rest of her life — even if Tiger dies first — or she’ll lose the lot.”

So on top of giving away more than half his fortune … he also can’t bring any porn stars around his kids.

You know I think this is ridiculous.

Yes, Tiger cheated with a bunch of waitresses, and yes, I believe that he should pay something in the divorce settlement.

But 750 million?

What woman can honestly look me in the eye and say that another woman deserves to have more money than the entire country of Haiti?

Who is going to tell me that she needs a quarter of a billion dollars to live comfortably?

We still live in a society where poverty and unemployment runs rampant, but a nanny (just because she married a cheater) will make 7 times the amount of LeBron James’ free agent contract?

What type of society are we living in?

Point blank: athletes and entertainers shouldn’t get married, or if they do they should have a prenup that is so iron clad the only way the woman could get more is if she could swing a 9 iron better.


Did I just say that?

At least she can’t go on Oprah.