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University of Colorado Joins Pac-10, The Start of Something Big?

In a move that will set off a massive change in the college football landscape, today it was announced that the University of Colorado has accepted a bid to join the Pac-10.  Here is what school President Bruce D. Benson had to say:

“The University of Colorado is a perfect match — academically and athletically — with the Pac-10.”

First off, let me say that CU fits in perfectly with schools like Oregon, Oregon State, and Cal for one huge reason for most of the students at those schools: they all are well known for getting their “Ricky Williams” on.  Athletically, does CU fit in with them?  I don’t think so.  Colorado has been awful for years and moving to the Pac-10 will not likely change that, but it will make things interesting.

Its not interesting because of Colorado, but because it’s been known for weeks now that the Pac-10 wants Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech to also join.  Baylor got squeezed out because really, who wants Baylor?  They have been basically living off the other Texas schools for years.

All of this has been set off by what now feels like an inevitable move, Nebraska joining the Big 10 — even though Nebraska is denying the report that came out yesterday, saying the Board of Regents had “informally” agreed to join the Big 10.  We all know that move is coming as soon as tomorrow.  Being here in Lincoln, there is a huge buzz about all this and there are many, many things to talk about with that, but I will save that all for another post once it is official.

You can’t blame Colorado for making this move; it’s smart and a proactive move by their administration.  They know the Big 12 is about to fold or will basically be the MAC or Conference USA soon.  Good for them.  Good luck with USC.

Greg Smith is one of the newest BSO writers and comes from a long background of high school star athletes and arm chair quarterbacks. You can follow Greg on Twitter at