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Video: Paul Pierce Accidentally Punching Ref

For those of you that missed it last night, here’s the footage of Pierce celebrating a little too hard…

video courtesy of Liorikz

Now all day i’ve been hearing from angry Lakers fans that Pierce should of got t’d up for this, Really? Its not like the dude cocked back and 2 pieced the ref or anything…well he did but its clear that it wasn’t intentional.  The awkward consoling effort after the impact was a testament to that.

What had me dying was Paul pierce tried to console the ref and try to play it off by laughing at it a little  but the ref was definitely not laughing… he had that look on his face like “You  know your career is about to be over right?”

But honestly with the way the refs have been  blowing calls in this series for both teams I’m  glad somebody stole off on one of them (accidentally)..I’m just glad it wasn’t Rasheed Wallace because lord knows he would probably be going in front of a Grand Jury for that