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What? No Pacquaio vs Mayweather? Floyd to Retire For a Year or 2?

This is the worst news that I have heard all day.  It is reported that Floyd Mayweather, Jr. was meeting with a teenager for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and 18-year-old Armando Carral — who is suffering from Hodgkins disease — had another wish, and that was to see Floyd Mayweather, Jr. fight Manny Pacquiao.  That wish was shut down immediately when Floyd said he won’t fight in 2010 and is taking a couple years off from boxing.

Here is the footage of the video.  Around the last minute of the video is where my world was shattered … SMH (courtesy of bahytar)

So Manny finally agrees to the 14 day cutoff, and Floyd is talking retirement?  Now I pray to God that this is not true, because if it is, I am done defending Floyd.  I am inclined to believe that this is just all a part of the pre-fight hype because I can’t see this fight happening when Floyd is 35.  Floyd is kidding himself if he thinks that he’s going to come back in two years and be the same.  He’s at the age where he could hit the wall tomorrow or at the age of 40 … all depends on your body.  This just doesn’t make sense to me.  If he retires now, then it may as well be for good and not for one or two years, because if Floyd is about the money like he says he is, he knows as well as I do that the same money that is available now won’t be available in two years for this fight, and that’s if this fight is even available in two years, which it won’t be.

All in all, I won’t believe this until I see it.  I think he just wants to keep people itching for the fight.  In the case that he does indeed retire, then that means he just flat out doesn’t want to fight Manny, which could be one of the biggest punk moves in history … but I guess we will have to wait and see how this plays out.

Kris Moyo is one of BSO’s newest writers and comes from a long background of jive talking and pimp walking. You can follow Kris on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/IAMKRIS24