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Cleveland Says Goodbye To Gloria James..Cavs’ Fan Being Real “Moist”

Cavs fan: I need you to listen, and listen to me closely.

We have all had our heart broken.  We have all had a special someone leave us for perceived greener pastures.  We have all written a “Dan Gilbert” style letter (well, maybe not exactly like that, but you get my point).

When someone breaks your heart you can do one of two things:

1- Pout

2- Move on

Right now, the entire state of Ohio is looking real “moist.” LeBron isn’t coming back, so all of the burning of the jerseys, the angry letters, Benedict Arnold shots, and Gloria James jokes won’t change anything.

LeBron James was a “Free Agent”.

The most important word in that is “Free.” He had no obligation to Cleveland or Ohio.  He is a grown man, and if he wants to play with D-Wade in Miami, that is his prerogative.

Did he go about it in the proper way?

That is debatable, but the fact remains everyone in the United States who isn’t under a contract is free to work and live wherever they want.

There is nothing binding you to a place just because you were born there.

In general, the public feels bad for Cleveland (it has been dealt its share of low blows) but we are talking about sports, this guy is just a basketball player … not like he is Tim Tebow or something.


You know what I am saying.

Maybe the reason LeBron left is because of your over-obsession with him.

No man or woman wants to be with anyone who is so dependent on them that when they leave, they cant function.  That is strange and crazy.

Reading Mo Williams’ tweets you would think his prom date had left him for Biff from Back to the Future.  Where is your backbone?  Man the hell up and stop mourning like someone died.  Mo Williams is an All-Star, right?  Stand on your own two feet as opposed to wanting someone to carry you.  Grown men shouldn’t want to be “carried;” you aren’t a baby, take the pacifier out of your mouth.

Just because LeBron James is not a Cavalier, the way you live your life is not going to change.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop acting like a scorned lover, drink a Capri Sun, relax, and stop being so “Moist.