Cops: “We Know Who Shot Quanis Phillips at Vick’s Party..Won’t Press Charges” – BlackSportsOnline
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Cops: “We Know Who Shot Quanis Phillips at Vick’s Party..Won’t Press Charges”

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The good news for Michael Vick: the cops have said specifically he isn’t the shooter.

More good news for Vick: the victim, Quanis Phillips, is not being cooperative.

Even more good news for MV: the police are done investigating.If there are no charges, there is no more investigation … meaning it is unlikely that Vick will face any discipline from the NFL or the Feds. breaks down the latest info.

“Investigators were able to determine the identity of the shooter,” Virginia Beach police said in a statement.  “Unfortunately because of the lack of cooperation from the victim, coupled with the reluctance of witnesses, the Commonwealth Attorney’s Office, upon reviewing all of the evidence, has determined that no charges will be filed in this case at this time.  Because the suspect will not be charged, his identity cannot be released by police.  There are no other suspects in this case, including Michael Vick.”

It makes sense for Phillips not to cooperate because similar to Vick, he is on probation.

The more the police investigate, the more likely he would be found in violation of something.

Vick has dodged a bullet, so to speak, and I hope there won’t be any more “White Parties” to report about.

You can only gamble with your freedom and career for so long before you “crap out.”

The question remains, however:


I think I know; do you?