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Mark Cuban Weighs In On Bronfest

I have to say, I like Mark Cuban.  I think he’s a great owner and shows a passion that is rarely seen by ownership in any sport.  His blog for today makes me like him even more.  Here is his take on the Bronfest:

If Le[B]ron announces Miami, all the sports media who reported the same get to write “[I] told you so”. The people in Miami smile. Maybe some have a cuba libre and go about their business. The phones ring and the Heat sell a bunch of tickets. Pat Riley buys some hair gel. Erik Spolestra stresses about what happens if they dont win this year.  Everyone starts telling lies about how such and such player would love to play for the minimum salary to play with the Golden Triangle.

In the State of Ohio ? Forgetabbout it. People cry. People kick their dogs.  They fall into a funk. Lebron instantly becomes  the most hated person in the state, and equally hated by anyone close to people who live there.

Just as quickly  Art Modell is placed  on par with Mother Theresa when  compared to Lebron.  Lebron and his family will most likely have more security concerns than is imaginable. His kids going to school ? Heck, my 6 year old has gotten looks and comments when the Mavs lose… For what its worth I heard somewhere that Art Modell is still afraid  to show his face in the state and Art Modell never had to face twitter, facebook and  bloggers spewing worldwide hate.

On the flip side, If he says he is going back to the Cavs there are parties in the streets, horns honking, people kissing strangers. Art Modell sneaks into the state and gets a kiss.  Everyone’s wife and husband, boyfriend and girlfriend all the sudden become prettier that night. People are pouring out in the street as if a war had ended. Instead of an infamous picture of a sailor kissing a young lady , there will be a picture of a couple, both in Lebron James Cavs jerseys kissing in the middle of the street. A photo passed through the internet as a momento of a moment in time that in the big picture means  nothing, but for tonight means everything.

Which is exactly why I think he is going back to the Cavs.  The sports world is full of uncertainties.  When in doubt, go for the love.   Which is what you do when you make the mistake of not coming to the Mavs.

See, told you … gotta love Cuban.


Erikka is the newest member of the BSO staff and resident female voice.  You can follow her on Twitter here.