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The Cavaliers Considering Retiring Lebron James Number?

I have told the story many times about my first love when I was at The Ohio State University.  I thought she was perfect, trusted her completely and give her the world and of course she left me for a Lacrosse player.

There are a couple of stages you go through.

1- Disbelief

2- Anger (see the Dan Gilbert letter)

3- Depression

During the depression stage you reminisce a lot while your “girl” has moved on, you are thinking about the past and the good times.

That is what Cavs Fan is doing now, while Lebron is out being the King of South Beach, they are thinking about the good old days with their “boo”.

That is how you get ridiculous polls like this one from asking if Lebron’s jersey should be retired.  Here is their rationale:

In only seven years, LeBron James is the Cleveland Cavaliers all-time leading scorer, and the team’s all-time leading scorer in the postseason.

He is in the top five or 10 in several other team categories. James will go down as the best player in Cavaliers’ history.

I am still friends with my 1st love, but she isn’t hanging from the Littal Rafters for a reason. She is just a footnote now in my lamp breaking career. Sort of like an urban legend.

When Lebron’s career is over his Cleveland years will be a footnote especially if he goes on to win titles with the Heat.

It will be very similar to Kevin Garnett’s career in Minnesota.

Actually in retrospect it would be more like Shaq’s career with the Magic where he had success but left for the bright lights and never looked back. Whereas Orlando is still talking about what could have been with Shaq and Penny.

Good news for Cavs Fan is at some point you get over your depression and move on. There is always another pretty girl on the horizon.