Video: Buffalo Bills Nic Harris on Terrell Owens Leaving: “That’s Two More Wins” – BlackSportsOnline
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Video: Buffalo Bills Nic Harris on Terrell Owens Leaving: “That’s Two More Wins”

If you recall we did a feature on Buffalo Bills linebacker Nic Harris on Father’s Day. Very good story about him being a single dad and how he is trying to help with the youth in his hometown.

Harris who played with Terrell Owens last year had an interesting reply to T.O. signing with the Bengals in this video for his Tumblr page.

After he congratulates him, he proceeds to tell the “Bills Nation” that’s “two more wins”.

It was a bit random and open to interperation.

Was he saying that Owens’ not being around was worth two more wins (a subliminal shot at Owens) or was he just saying that with the new coaching staff in place he feels the Bills overall are “two wins” better?

Most reports state that Owens’ was pretty good in the locker room while with the Bills, maybe Harris knows something that we don’t or maybe it is just some friendly trash talk between ex teammates?

According to his twitter he was just “talkinsh*t”

So who knows…

Buffalo was 6-10 last year with Owens.

It would be a shocked to a lot of people if they made it to 8-8, to be honest I think people will be shocked if they matched the 6-10 from last season.  On every single Training Camp Power Ranking list they are #31 (sorry Rams fan you are at the bottom of each one), so any improvement over last year squad would be a major success.

So you have to like Harris’ optimism even if I am not exactly sure what he is trying to say in the video.

Lastly is he wearing a “Bears Hat” or do I need to put my glasses on?  If it is a Bears Hat, sort of hard to inspire Bills Nation while rocking a Bears hat, but I digress.

You can follow Harris on Twitter at @jetson_elroy


Baseball fan has come to Harris’ defense in regards to the hat saying it is actually a Cincinnati Reds hat, so one mystery is solved.