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Why Miles Austin is Brilliant For Breaking Lamps With Kim Kardashian..Pics

Cowboys fan doesn’t know how to react.

On the one hand, Reggie Bush and Lamar Odom both got rings while smashing a Kardashian, and with the Super Bowl being in Dallas, maybe they need the “Kardashian Charm” to help them get to the big game.

On the other hand, the last time one of their star players got involved with a high profile paparazzi style female it didn’t work out so well.  I don’t think Jessica Simpson is even allowed in Cowboys Stadium.

Don’t fret, Cowboy fan; I am here to help and explain why Kim K. is of no threat to you.

There are two types of celebrity women in the world; “Man Eaters” and “Man Pleasers.”

A good example of a celebrity “Man Eater” would be Rihanna.

We won’t even talk about Chris Brown, but RiRi has Drake rapping about how she was the one and Matt Kemp playing like Jason Giambi off the steroids right now.

While she is a very beautiful, she is a career killer.

The Kardashians, even for all of their attention whoring ways, seem to help careers.  Honestly, would anyone in the world care about Ray J if he didn’t have a sex tape with Kim K?  Is anyone talking about Reggie Bush now?  Do you think Lamar Odom would have as many national commercials as Kobe if he was married to his “Baby Momma?”

This is why I bumped up Austin a few notches on my wide receiver fantasy football rankings.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Jerry Jones set them up.

Hopefully, if Austin is smart, he won’t wife her up.  He needs to use her up like Reggie and proceed on to the next one, but even if she did manage to get a ring on it, it is better than marrying Khloe.

For Austin it’s a win/win.  Consider it the Chad Ochocinco way of getting yourself known not just as a football player, but an entertainment personality.  I have met Austin; very nice guy and I think he will be able to handle the shine.  Plus it isn’t like Kim K is a “Tigerstyle” porn star (well, kind of, but not really); she is very attractive.  Good taste on his part.

Pimp on Miles, pimp on.

Oh yeah here are some Kimmy pics:

PS- Roy Williams doesn’t approve of this article: