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BSO In The A: The 2 Live Stews Purple & Crown Affair

Once the BSO Jet aka Delta Airlines touch down in Atlanta, GA it was a non stop 24/7 experience which was capped off by the 2 Live Stews Purple and Crown affair at The Ventanas in downtown Atlanta.

The event which was to spotlight the Stewart Education foundation lived up to the billing as things were popping on the rooftop.  Celebrities in attendance were Yung Joc, Terri Vaughn, J. Holiday, Dj Cannon, and many more.

Spectacular views, the Crown Royal was flowing and most important to me of course was the free chicken that was being served.

While the chicken was critical in my opinion to the event’s success, I want to stress the importance of what the Stews are doing with the Stewart Education Foundation.

I am not one to say that athletes, entertainers or sports media have to give back to their community that is a personal choice, but those that do should be spotlighted.

Here is what the Stews foundation is all about:

The Stewart Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization that seeks to provide a forum where African American males act as role models for our African American youth in both social and academic arenas.

That is definitely something that I support and will continue to help the Stews in any way I can. In the African-American community too many males think the only way to get out of their situation is with a jump shot or selling crack rock (Biggie) when education is a much better avenue and I can personally attest to that.

So when you have a time check out the foundation website and if possible donate.  Every little bit helps.

Team BSO was in the building (Erikka & Randall).  That was my Rick Ross pose by the way.

The photography and video was done by (P.R.O.S. ABC) big shout out to Christopher Walker for being the best photographer in the building.

Special thanks to Monica Coleman (The Best PR person in the world) and the 2 Live Stews for inviting us.

But being a man of the people there are a few more things I want to mention about our trip to the A.

I was able to check out the Bronner Brothers Hair Show which was interesting to say the least.   Do you know they sell fake coach bags and gucci hats at the conference?  I was not able to convince Erikka to get a lacefront though.

Small things like this interest me for some reason.

If you are into hair it is definitely the place for you.

I wanted to give special thanks to the wonderful staff at the Westin in downtown ATL.  Everything was first class and they definitely gave me the VIP treatment on the 63rd floor:

Until the next time……