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Florida Recruit Ja’Juan Story Gets Into a Fight Over Myspace Pic From Julisa Walker

We have a report of Florida Football recruit getting into some trouble because of Myspace. Yes, I said Myspace. The details are a bit confusing, here we go.

According to ABC Action News incident began innocently enough with pic posted on Myspace. A girl posted a pic of her baby. Julisa Walker

(in one story reported as Ja’juan’s girlfriend and other story as his brother’s girlfriend) started to trash talk about the baby pictured. This ultimately lead to a confrontation. Julisa and Ja’Juan made it to the girl who posted pics residence. Here’s where reports vary:

One report has Walker and the girl who posted pics fighting. The girl’s mother tried to break it up fight and, allegedly, Ja’juan stepped in and “punched her like how he would punch a man.” If this wasn’t enough, Walker pulled out a box cutter and sliced the girl’s mom in the arm.

Another article from GatorSports.com has slightly different account.

“Story, 18, told The Gainesville Sun on Monday that he was trying to break up a fight that involved the mother of his brother’s child and three other women.

“When I turned around, her and a woman and her two daughters was about to fight,” Story said in a text message. “So I came over because there was knives and I took a box cutter from my brother’s (girlfriend), but one of the other girls had two knives. I tried to tell her to leave but she wasn’t listening.”

Story said the women started fighting again and when he intervened, he “pushed” them away from each other and was cut on his knuckle.

“Someone said it looked like I hit the mom, but I didn’t,” he said. “When I finally broke it up and got the girl to leave someone called the police.

“I was just trying to break everything up since no one else was. I didn’t do anything wrong. The only thing I did wrong was be there.”

In one account he seems like an insti”gator” and in the other story he seems like the peacemaker. Which one is right? Seems like a case of he said, she said. He was charged with simple battery and Walker was charged with aggravated battery. They will have their day in court. Regardless if convicted or not, we will see how this affects Ja’Juans status at Florida after verbally committing.

The question we should ask is who still uses myspace?

Would post highlights but going to do something different. Here is recent interview by Ja’Juan…Used alot of “likes”, college will fix that…

Of course the use of “like” reminded of an NFL player who overuses “like”. Hopefully he is better now…

H/T to Bustedcoverage for story…

Written by Jovan. You can follow him on twitter.