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Kobe Bryant to be Featured on Kanye West New CD? Pics From The Studio

I am known as a “separator”.

Meaning I am able to separate my personally feelings from my professional ones when I am making assessments.

I don’t personally like Kayne West, I don’t care how famous you are there is no need to be rude. Kanye is a rude arrogant guy. With that being said my personal distaste for him doesn’t take away from the fact he is a musical genius.

Not surprisingly a lot of a**holes and weirdos are geniuses, funny how that works.

I don’t follow him on twitter, but I started getting BBMs talking about Kanye tweeting about being in the studio with Mos Def and Swizz Beats. I thought to myself that is awesome another hit in the making.

But it was the 4th member in the studio that I figured you guys would find interesting:


As Drake says in regards to rappers and ballers:

“The lifestyles are so synonymous, cuz we wanna be them…and they wanna be us”

I doubt Bean is dropping any verses, probably just swinging by since he is a huge fan of Kanye (Kobe ironically is a bit of an oddball and is also a genius in his craft). Secretly though I sort of wish Kanye let Kobe drops some bars, just for my amusement.

Why didn’t Kobe bring Ron Artest with him, since he is the one with the rhyming skills?

Anyway if you don’t remember the lyrical styling of Kobe Bryant this should refresh your memories.

When I asked Lebron what he thought here was his reaction: