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Lebron James “How Does It Feel To Be A Sidekick” Billboard

I have come to the conclusion that “Cleveland Fan” is never going to get over Lebron leaving.

I am sure there are some men and women out there who have been left by their significant another and just never could get over the bitterness and hurt of them leaving.

Most people at some point let it go, but I am starting to wonder if this will linger forever.

I am assuming a good season by the Browns or the Cavs becoming competitive again will ease the hurt.

The problem is that could be a long way from happening.

The more success Lebron has the worse it is going to be for Cleveland.  The fact that it is in the public’s eye just makes it even more painful.

Imagine if you were a guy or girl and someone broke up with you to get with someone else.  It is one thing for it to happen, it is totally another thing to see them every day being lovey dovey while you are sleeping in a cold bed every night.

With that being said I think Cleveland really needs to get over it.  No need to put up Billboards a few miles from a house that Lebron may sleep in twice this year.  I am sure the money spent on this billboard could have been better served getting school supplies for kids or feeding Jake Delhomme’s goat.