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Matt Barnes Slaps Coach At Summer League Game

I can not confirm or deny that after he slapped the coach he gave “two snaps” and “hated it” review of the call that got his panties in a bunch.

I will give this to Matt Barnes before last season you would have had to be a hardcore basketball fan to even know who he was even though he has been in the league forever.

But thanks to his Kardashian like performance on the Basketball Wives, his extra moist tweets and now signing with the Lakers, at least in the gossip blog circles he is now well known.

Granted if I was basketball player I would want to be known for what I did on the court, not for canceling weddings and battling Shaunie O’Neal, but I digress.

Here are details of the latest Barnes drama:

Barnes engaged the referee into conversation directly in front of the opposing team’s Head Coach and Assistant Coach. While talking to the referee, Barnes begins to get heckled by SF City assistant head coach, Rick Lewis. Lewis was saying things like “stop your crying, you’re in the NBA, stop crying” and other remarks which were an attempt to antagonize and get under Barnes skin.

Barnes finally stepped towards Lewis and got in his face and they exchanged pleasantries, Barnes walked away but Lewis was still chirping so Barnes came back and got in his face at which point Barnes gave Lewis a slap on the face.

Now, it was more of a “lovetap” than anything malicious, he didn’t wind up or put force behind it. Soon as it happened, the referee’s came over, Barnes coaching staff ran over and the situation kind of fizzled itself out.

The story would have been much better if he had chin checked him like Chris Childs did Kobe Bryant, but this will have to do.