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Matt Leinart vs. Arcade Football

We’ll just file this under ‘piling on’, but you can’t help but see the correlation to his real life.  This video from shows poor Matt and his poor accuracy, not on the football field, but arcade football.

It seems Leinart is not having a good week. Derek Anderson won the starting QB job, that was only Matt’s to lose.  As if losing the starting job to old man Warner a few years ago wasn’t bad enough, he’s managed to do it again. Maybe he became too comfortable being second string, and couldn’t help but to go back to what he’s most comfortable doing. Now there are rumors that Matt won’t make it past training camp. That’s right, a former Heisman Trophy winning, USC quarterback might not make the cut for training camp.

This situation is a major blow to his ego, you can even see it in his interviews, head slumps down…and the all too familiar quote of  “I’m ok”.

Someone please send and keg and some co-eds to cheer Matt up….ASAP.