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MC Hammer Ventures Into the World of MMA

Mr.Stanley Burrell aka MC Hammer is back in the news. No, he isn’t reporting going bankrupt or announcing a new reality show but rather starting a new buisness venture. MC Hammer along with fellow entrepreneurs are starting up Alchemist Management with him as the CEO.The main motto of the company is to help clients with both tradiational sports management duties as well as providing avenues in which clients can branch of into entertainment industry as well. Alchemist management believes MC Hammer is perfect person to handle this task. They have a little piece on Hammer on their site:

“Legendary music icon and master of reinvention MC Hammer is CEO of Alchemist Management. Most recently, Hammer became one of the most influential personalities on the social media platform Twitter with over 1.8 million followers. Most people don’t know that Hammer has long been a force in sports; he managed Evander Holyfield to the world heavyweight boxing championship. Through his leadership, Hammer will create opportunities for Alchemist clients in sports, entertainment, and other areas. Hammer conceived of Alchemist Management to contribute to the growth and prosperity of MMA and its fighters.”

Ok, I chuckle, leading Evander to heavyweight boxing title is a qualification? Quick google search time for more info and I find on IMDB that his only relationship listed with Holyfield is only as a friend. Not saying much considering it also says he’s also friends with Tyson. So if he wants to take credit, go right ahead. The only thing I have to say is Holyfield was great boxer back in the day. I doubt MC Hammer did anything great to put him over the top. If anyone has proof of Hammer’s management endevors leading directly to Holyfield’s success by all means, let me know.

Another thing that made me smirk was the 1.8 million twitter followers being cited on how influential he is. According to twitaholic, MC Hammer is currently 53rd most followed person on twitter. He is ahead of the likes of major atheles & entertainers like: Serena Williams(73), Snoop Dogg(78), Paul Pierce(96), Reggie Bush(180), Bob Villa(190), and Chad Ochocinco(234). A bit surprising, no? As for who Hammer ranks behind of, they are: John Legend(52), Alicia Keys(50), Miley Cyrus(41), Souljaboy(33), Diddy(21), Shaq(17), Justin Bieber(7), Kim Kardashian(6), and some girl called Britney Spears(1). Thats just raw data of followers, we arent given breakdown of followers. Perfect example of how followers numbers are questionable is Souljaboy being ranked 33 in the world. Is he that influential, really?

Did a quick, completely unscientific study of the last five pages of Hammer’s followers and we see alot of blank avatar people who dont even tweet and follow like 70 people. Do these people even count as followers? I digress, my point is followers is just a number. Yea he could have 1.8 million, but if they are not active users or fake profiles does it really count? The conspiracy theorist in me is feeling that somehow Hammer is manipulating the follower numbers with some get follower engine. Of course another reason he could be popular is that he follows back alot of people. He is currently following 32,683 people and counting….

All kidding aside though, this is a good look for Hammer. I’ve said it a million and one times, Mixed Martial Arts is a better sport than Boxing and surpassing it in popularity . Sooner rather than later, it will eventually phase out professional boxing as we know it. The time to get into the game was yesterday but today isn’t too late. He may not have a star potential he once did but its decent enough. Like all management teams, its only as good as its clients. They have 11 current fighters, two of which recently participated in recent The Utlimate Fighter Heavyweight Edition, which had the legendary Kimbo Slice as contestant.These guys are decent prospect, so he might have lucked out on having talent. Now random fact, one of his fighters shares the Hammer name, James “Hammer” McSweeney. Really James? Couldn’t you have picked another nickname? Sharing nickname is not good…

In any case, its a start for Hammer, we’ll see soon enough if this is a failed business venture or not. I hope the best for him. Anytime their is Black CEO we have to show support.  Hopefully he can bring black fans with him as well, their support is lacking in MMA world for many reasons.

And one-time for the good ole times, ITS HAMMER TIME!!!

Written by Jovan. Can follow him on