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Nosebleed Tickets to Heat Games on Sale…Tissues not included

Here we go, another story on Miami Heat tickets. As I mentioned before, the Heat fired season ticket staff because all season tickets were sold. There job was over and they became expendable. No we have  another heat ticket story. Darren Rovell tweetedMiami Heat release nosebleed seats in 10-game partial plan. […] Lowest price? $43 a seat/game.” I thought there must’ve been a catch or it was a joke. He included link. I clicked and what did I find….

Well apparently its legit. We are brought to Heat Tickets site where they detail the package and info.

“MIAMI, August 11 – With the Miami HEAT sold out of its existing season ticket inventory for the 2010-11 season, the team today announced its 2010-11 All You Can HEAT Partial Ticket Plan, which will be available for purchase starting Monday, August 16. The All You Can HEAT Partial Ticket Plan is entirely customizable and based on an “a la carte” philosophy so that fans can select 10 games of their choice. All seating inventory for the All You Can HEAT Partial Ticket Plan is located in the first three rows of Uptown’s 400 Level, and starts with prices as low as $430 per seat for the 10-game plan. Every regular season home game during the 2010-11 season is available for purchase as part of the All You Can HEAT Partial Ticket Plan and there is a four-seat maximum per account.

Once again, the HEAT will be utilizing variable ticket pricing, giving fans the opportunity to purchase games that fit their budgets. Fans can mix and match their All You Can HEAT Partial Ticket Plan by selecting games from four pricing tiers, with a selection of games priced at $35 and the most popular games—the Home Opener versus the Orlando Magic and the March 10 contest vs. the Lakers—priced at $125. The complete range of price tiers for the Partial Ticket Plan is: $35, $55, $75 and $125.”

So partial-plan ticket staff expect people to pay a minimum of $430 to see ten games against probable NBA bottom dwellers like the nets/sixers of the world, FROM THE NOSEBLEEDS. Lets say its against top tier teams they face at $125 per game. By top tier I assume winning teams or teams that people want to see. They face Boston twice, Orlando Twice, Lakers, Spurs, Thunder, Bulls, and Cavs Twice(not top tier but everyone is going, they better jack up price). Those are possible ten games that could run you a cool $1250, again, FROM THE NOSEBLEEDS, smh. Whatever people will pay it and it might benefit people to go through the Heat. A quick stubhub search on Heat has the cheapest ticket available as a 11/2/10 game against the T-Wolves for $71 from Upper Level Corner in 321 and 306 sections. This is compared to a 3/10/11 game against Lakers $250 Upper Level Corner 322 section tickets. You don’t even want to know how much premium seat prices for that game…Of course ticket prices will rise and people will buy.

There is a catch though. To have a chance to buy tickets you have to pay a $100 dollar non-refundable seat deposit to get on “Heat Hopefuls” waiting list. They also clearly mention being on waiting list doesn’t guarentee you get chance to buy ticket. So a lot of people are going to be left in the cold with $100 less in their wallet.

Of course the Heat aren’t money hungry ticket NAZIs. They will have:

“Hundreds of tickets starting as low as $10 per game will be made available to the general public when individual game tickets go on sale in late September.”

For ten dollars there are probably going to be seats on top of American Airlines. They will drill holes so you can peer down so you can say you were there…#shrug

Last thing, I mentioned Miami “fandom” before at end of my previous article, look at it. Now I have some more info. According to the Miami Heat had the second worst fan attendance year since D-Wade’s rookie year. Mind you, last year’s team was a playoff team and Wade played most of season putting MVP like numbers. Maybe it could be an artifact of economic downturn or maybe it could be that Miami “fans” aren’t real fans. The power of the bandwagon maybe be strong in MIA.

In any case, heres video of Lebron getting heckled at amusement park via

Written by Jovan. You can follow him on twitter.