Nuggets Guard JR Smith Accused of Choking Street Baller..Police Called – BlackSportsOnline
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Nuggets Guard JR Smith Accused of Choking Street Baller..Police Called

Whereas I don’t promote players forcing trades, if I was Carmelo Anthony I would informed the Denver Nuggets I am going to exercise my right to become a free agent after the 2010-11 season.

You simply can’t win a championship when your one of the main players are choking street ballers Wayne Brady errrrrrrrrrrr Latrell Spreewell style because they lose their temper.

Here are the details:

“We did have a report of an altercation that took place at the Denver Nuggets‘ practice facility, on August 13th” Detective John White of the Denver Police Department told FanHouse by phone. “That case was investigated and ultimately presented to the district attorney’s office. … Ultimately, the district attorney’s office, after being presented with the findings by the Denver Police Department, decided not to pursue charges.

According to a league source who spoke with one of the people in the gym, numerous players were taking part in drills when members of the Nuggets’ coaching staff told the player who later called police to be physical with Smith.

“They were just wanting the guy to be physical with J.R., telling the other guys, ‘Hey, body up on the guys and really make them work,'” the source said. “J.R. just lost it. He tried to choke the kid, and the kid called the cops.”

Even with the legal charges being dropped, this is yet another unflattering incident for the player with whom the Nuggets are ready to part ways with.

So JR gets off on the any criminal charges, but as stated before you can’t have these type of unstable individuals on your team and the Nuggets are filled with them.  There is a reason the Nuggets have consistently self destructed in the playoffs when in a lot of instances they were the more talented team.

It isn’t like JR Smith is an all star, he is a role player who thinks of himself as an All-Star. That is always a dangerous combination when dealing with team chemistry.

If the Nuggets harbor any hope of keeping Carmelo Anthony they would be best serve to get JR out of there sooner than later.

Maybe the kid insulted his tattoo and called him JR Brick.