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Terrell Owens Writes an Open Letter to Bengals Fans

In what can be percieved as turning over a new leaf, and trying a new way of doing things, Cincinnati Bengals Wide Receiver Terrell Owens writes an open letter to his newest fans.  Cincinnati.com posted the letter in its entirety:

Dear Bengals Nation,

Feb. 6, 2011 is now marked on my calendar with a big orange circle. As I joined the Cincinnati Bengals and continue my career I’m very excited with the opportunity to be in pursuit of the championship.

First off, I’m thankful to Mike Brown and the Bengals organization for giving me another opportunity to play football.

Second, I’m certain in life nothing is guaranteed – but for us to win the Super Bowl it will take a total team effort.

Third, I’m promising you that the focus will be stronger than you’ve ever seen it. Life isn’t always easy but it’s the bumps along the way that makes you stronger. With my “me against the world” mentality as a young man, I’ve learned that life can be more challenging but I’ve matured.

If it wasn’t for the support of my grandmother and the love of my family and true friends, I would be lost. My faith, confidence and maturity keeps me strong and focused on more than just T.O.

The Bengals are now my extended family and I look forward to learning more about your city, teammates, coaches and you all. This is my home and I’m happy to be in the Midwest. I’m confident in our team’s chances of winning the title, so anything less than the playoffs is unacceptable to us. It will definitely take a fight but if my gut is correct, Who Dey Nation will be proud this season. I signed here for a reason.

With hard work and unity, this team will restore power and respect. We’re focused on playing in Texas on Feb. 6. Just take a look at my calendar, the date is saved. Let’s make the Jungle roar this season!

Yours truly,

Terrell Owens aka T.O. aka “I’m Batman!”

I can only wonder if the penning of this letter will be on a future episode of “The T.O. Show”, where Mo’ and Kita secrectly edit the letter and email it themselves…or something like that.

All kidding aside, I think this is a good faith letter by T.O. and I hope he’s matured enough to actually follow through with promises of maturity and ‘unity’.  If only he had learned these lessons in Dallas, he’d still have a star on his helmet.

Then again, if he had, Miles Austin would not have become a big deal and Kim Kardashian wouldn’t have paid him any attention.  I guess fate had this scenario pre-determined….go figure.

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