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The Truth About Athletes & Reality Show Hook Ups

You have probably have heard rumors of Shaq proposing to Flavor of Love star Hoopz or Chad OchoCinco dating Evelyn from the Basketball Wives and people are like:


When Kim Kardashian is prancing with Miles Austin it is on the front page of US Weekly.

People see this and think:


I have a message for you:


These are nothing but marketing ploys for the most part.   Yes some lamps are broken and simping is going on, but love?  Highly unlikely.

A lot of these arrangements are just that business arrangements to get some press in the gossip magazines and websites (and BSO, hey I have bills to pay).

Athletes are attention whores who love the spotlight as much as these girls who has no real talent besides looking pretty (some of them at least).

So when Reggie Bush is hanging out with Amber Rose they both know exactly what they are doing and it has nothing to do with finding MR/MRS Right.

Shaq at the Waffle House with Hoopz is just a coincidence.

Ocho showing up on Basketball Wives included a “large deposit” in his checking account.

Even when they do get married like Khole Kardashian and Lamar Odom it is still fake (the ceremony was for the reality show they weren’t legally married at the time).

They are banking on you though believing the “fake relationships” to keep them trending on twitter.

In 2010 our society literally is feeding off drama, so don’t think athletes and entertainers don’t know what popping up on could do for their careers .

Can’t knock their hustle, but just make sure you aren’t being hustled.