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Tim Tebow on Throwing Motion: “I Don’t Know If It Neccessarily Matters”

In general I agree with Tebow.

The throwing motion is not the problem, it is how quickly you recognize the defense and how fast you get the ball out.

The problem I do have with Tebow and this is pointed out by ProFootballTalk.com is the hypocritical nature of his comments about his willingness to change his throwing motion.  Back before the draft when Jon Gruden was slurping him and 400 people were training him on his mechanics, here is what Tebow had to say:

“Well the number one thing is to just reach my potential,” Tebow said at the time. “You know, I believe in myself as a player and an athlete. And I wanna be the best player that I can be, to help an NFL team and help an organization. So my number one goal is to reach my potential and be the best I can be. And that’s why these changes occurred, is because I felt it’s gonna help me be more accurate, be quicker, and just make better decisions. And for me making this change has been very natural, [and] I’m excited about it. . . .”

After Tebow parlayed his “excitement” into a 1st round draft selection and the multi-million dollar contract here is what Tebow had to say about his funky release:

“I don’t know if that necessarily matters,” Tebow said Monday, according to Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post. “I never listened too much to what people said. I’m just trying to stay focused and get better every day and try to be the best player and teammate I can be on this team and not worry about what people say.”

I am realist, I understand that Tebow had to BS a little bit to get people to believe he was a 1st round worthy and if it was most players it wouldn’t be a story since this happens all the time.

The fact though that Tebow stands for a higher caller (no Glen Coffee) his hypocrisy can be seen as showing that the pedestal some put him on should be taken down a notch.

The Denver press is already shining his shoes and others in the media are asking for autographs, when in reality he shouldn’t be treated any different than Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen.

He is just a rookie a quarterback who has a slow release that needs to be worked on. He did what he had to do to get drafted above quarterbacks who in reality were more pro ready than him.

The media needs to stop slurping and critique him fairly and accurately because in reality, he is no different than anyone else.