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Vernon Davis Dating Ex-Bad Girls Club Star, Natalie Nunn

Yes you read the title correctly, you are not in the twilight zone.

San Francisco 49ers, tight end, Vernon Davis is reportedly dating the notorious Natalie Nunn, formally of Oxygen’s hit reality show “The Bad Girls Club” …………

Now this little situation is not Davis’ first dabble with reality show cast offs as Vernon was previously linked to ex-Flavor of  Love contestant “Black” (how do you even feel right looking at yourself in the mirror knowing your laying next to a female that FLAVOR FLAV doesn’t even want)

Now for you who aren’t familiar with Natalie Nunn, think of Kat Stacks with a longer chin and a better credit score and the readers who are familiar with the Bad Girls Club can validate that comparison. And coincidentally Natalie got into a war of words via video with Kat Stacks earlier this year (which can be viewed  here)……smh

Natalie Nunn is also no stranger to  controversy as  she was previously dating Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson, engaged in a war of words with Rihanna in a New York nightclub and also threatened to leak Chris  Brown naked pictures,  among other things.

Here is a short montage of Natalie’s work for your viewing pleasure

Now Vernon Davis must not have any real friends, because no real friend would UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES  allow his boy to stake claim on any Swamp Donkey let alone Natalie Nunn who just may be the Michael Jordan free throw line dunk of swamp donkeys.

Like I don’t know what is occurring right now in the sports and entertainment industries but these dudes have officially lost their mind.

Have we learned nothing from Kat Stacks and all of her casualties?

At this point I am honestly considering offering my services as a “We Must Do Better” consultant to these athletes and entertainers because they need me now more than ever.

If I am Mike Singletary, I am preparing a rant of Michael  Jordan/Kwame Brown proportions because this type of behavior is simply unacceptable. If I am the 49ers front office, I would be worried because Vernon Davis is likely to get hit with the injury bug by week 3 with a “Large Laceration” due to Natalie’s chin which may have him out for the majority season.

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