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Was Jay Mariotti “ReggieWayning”???

Every once in awhile I will do a story specifically for my twitter followers and people who have downloaded my Iphone App. You won’t see this on the main page of BSO, so consider these stories exclusives for readers that have supported me over the years.

One of the questions about the Jay Mariotti case that people aren’t going to talk about is the relationship between him and his much younger girlfriend.

In essence Mariotti was “ReggieWayning” (if you don’t know what that means click here).

I have pretty good sources that are saying the young lady in question was juicing Mariotti for his money.  In reality that is the only way Mariotti could keep an attractive girlfriend.  Trust me it isn’t his charm.

The reason Mariotti went Ike Turner on her was because after he got “Moist” over her flirting with another man, she questioned the abilities of “Little Mariotti”.

Most men don’t like when the package gets insulted.

So for all his bragging and boasting, Mariotti was just your common simp and he is going to have to come out of a lot more money once the young lady goes public.

I see Gloria Allred in her future.  Remember where you heard it first.