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Cardinals Trying to Trade Matt Leinart..My Advice Just Retire

When Matt Leinart, Vince Young and Jay Cutler were all drafted within the first 11 picks of the 2006 NFL Draft here is what I said:

“Vince Young is either going to be a superstar or he will flame out won’t be much middle ground, Jay Cutler has the biggest bust potential and Matt Leinart is the safest choice to have a long and solid NFL career.  Leinart is the most pro ready and going to a perfect spot with the Cardinals.”

Jury still out on Young and Cutler, but I was DEAD WRONG on Leinart and unlike a lot of people in sports media I have no problem admitting it.

Leinart has been giving multiple opportunities on a team loaded with offensive talent over the years and he has blown it.

The Cardinals have given him the job on numerous times only to see Leinart play so badly that he could never hold on to it.

And it wasn’t like he was playing with the Rams, he had Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin as his receivers.

It is one thing to lose your job to Kurt Warner, he is a Hall of Fame caliber quarterback, but to lose your job to Derek Anderson to me says that it is time to hang up your cleats.

Do you really think Leinart would be any better in Buffalo or Oakland?  Do you really think if Leinart went to back up Eli Manning and Manning got hurt the he could lead the Giants to victories?

Being an NFL Quarterback is not just being able to throw a 15 yard out (which Leinart has trouble doing).

It is about being a leader and that is something that Leinart lacks.  Changing uniforms isn’t going to do anything to correct that.