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Ines Sainz on Association for Women in Sports Media: “They Only Wanted Attention”

Normally the battle of the sexes are men versus women.

This particular battle is women versus women (get you head out of the gutter Jets players).

Before the Jets beat the Patriots and Braylon got his “drank” on, the big story was Mexican sports media personality Ines Sainz and her treatment in the Jets locker room.

The topic spread like the swine flu with everyone having an opinion (I think it jump the shark the day Clinton Portis uttered the phrase 53 packages).

Sainz for her part is now saying the Association of Women in Sports Media did more harm to female reporters by coming to her aid than just staying out of it.  Here is what she had to say:

Sainz wrote in a column for Mexican newspaper El Universal that the Association for Women in Sports Media set the women’s rights movement back “at least 50 years” by hastily coming to her aid. Sainz had complained to the NFL that members of the New York Jets harassed her during a practice and a locker-room interview with quarterback Mark Sanchez.

“I really feel very disappointed because I really think that the first step they needed to do is to call me,” Sainz told McClatchy Newspapers in a subsequent interview. “They only want some kind of attention.”

Sainz — a former model and Miss Universe contestant — was criticized for her often revealing attire. The 33-year-old married mother of three offered no apologies during her interview with McClatchy, saying she chooses her clothes.

“I was really surprised when they start to criticize me and my image and everything, and I said, ’C’mon, it’s not the first time you’ve seen an attractive woman doing her job,’” she said.

I will say this, originally I don’t think Sainz made that big deal out of it, but once it hit the mainstream, Sainz did what any smart media personality would do, she milked it for all it was worth.
The entire thing was a bit overblown, but I can see how it is a sensitive issue  for female reporters who have to deal with the backlash and the Clinton Portis style comments.
I think groups like The Association of Women in Sports Media sometimes have a PETA like mentality, where they will hop on any bandwagon if it is beneficial to them, but they probably shouldn’t have latched on to Miss Sainz trunk.

Hopefully everyone learned a lesson (there were many) and we can all move on and have a Snack.