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“Politics” Keeps Homeless In Miami From Getting Free LeBron James Jerseys

In America, we typically praise someone when they turn a negative into a positive.  Then again, Americans are prideful people too.  So  a few ex-LeBron James fans in Cleveland got together and decided that donating all the unwanted LeBron James apparel to the homeless people in Miami would be a win-win situation.  Instead of being a jerk on TV burning the jersey of a millionaire, do some good and get rid of some emotional baggage at the same. Imagine their surprise when their donation was met with resistance….

The resistance wasn’t met with the homeless people themselves, but with their ‘advocates’.  That’s right the Homeless advocates of Miami didn’t want Cleveland’s emotional baggage.

“It’s on hold right now,” says Rita Clark of the Miami Coalition for the Homeless. “There’s a lot of politics around this.””It seemed very well-intentioned, but it’s not gonna happen right away,” Clark says. “I’m trying to help them be better-received here in Miami.”

Apparently, a marketing plan based on the concept of Here — take a bunch of stuff we hate! wasn’t particularly appealing. Clark says she heard that Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado was opposed to the donation plan.

Wow. Maybe the Mayor should take a poll and ask the homeless people if they really care what the jersey has on it. Unless they’re prepared to match the free clothes with free Miami Heat LeBron James jerseys, they should shut their mouths.

Just like the people in some third world country that received free  ‘2009-2010 Indianapolis Colts Superbowl Champion’ t-shirts, having clothing is way more important than the team that’s on the shirt you received.