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Randy “The Slouch” Moss gets 100 Madden Rating

Ok, he didn’t get an overall 100 Madden Rating, that would have been insane. What did get a 100 rating was his Spectacular Catch Rating according to ESPN’s Jon Robinson(100). Why you may ask?

Enough said, one of the best catches ever. If that doesn’t justify a 100 Madden Rating I don’t know what will. He isn’t the first player to receive a 100 rating. Robinson points out:

“Players who have achieved this rating include Reggie Bush (agility), Tom Brady (awareness), Peyton Manning (awareness), Sebastian Janikowski (kick power), Braylon Edwards (spectacular catch). Randy Moss has also previously been awarded a perfect 100 rating for jumping.”

Yea, Braylon Edwards having a 100 Rating? That’s a joke. As we all know, Madden isn’t real life, although some people do believe it is. Madden Ratings are interesting but not be all end all. Seriously, Adrian Peterson has one of the worst carry ratings but he never fumbles, whats up with that? Anyways, this year it seems there is an update every week which is interesting. I wonder how Mike Vick’s ratings will rise and people starting cheesing with him and Eagles Online,…Stay tuned…

PS, Randy only caught 2 passes that game versus Jets…Just saying

Main Pic via ESPN via AP Photo/Evan Pinkus