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Video: Skip Bayless: “Jay Z is Overrated..Eminem Better Rapper”

Who knew that Skip was also a rap music expert?

I think calling Jay Z overrated is a bit of a stretch, but I would say it is a 50/50 split in regards to who the public thinks is better.

In there only head to head matchup, Eminem was the clear winner on the song “Renegade”.

A few things about the song “Renegade” that people don’t know. Even though it is on Jay Z’s “Blueprint” the beat, concept and hook from the song all come from Eminem, so you can say Em had a home field advantage.

I thought Jay’s verses were magnificent, but Em’s first verse I consider the 2nd greatest hip hop verse off all time behind Inspectah Deck verse on “Triumph”.

Since I’m in a position to talk to these kids and they listen
I ain’t no politician but I’ll kick it with ’em a minute
Cause see they call me a menace; and if the shoe fits I’ll wear it
But if it don’t, then y’all swallow the truth grin and bear it
Now who’s these king of these rude ludicrous lucrative lyrics
Who could inherit the title, put the youth in hysterics
Using’ his music to steer it, sharing his views and his merits
But there’s a huge interference – they’re sayin you shouldn’t hear it
Maybe it’s hatred I spew, maybe it’s food for the spirit
Maybe it’s beautiful music I made for you to just cherish
But I’m debated disputed hated and viewed in America
as a m******n drug addict – like you didn’t experiment?
Now now, that’s when you start to stare at who’s in the mirror
and see yourself as a kid again, and you get embarrassed
And I got nothin’ to do but make you look stupid as parents
You f***n do-gooders – too bad you couldn’t do good at marriage!
(Ha ha!) And do you have any clue what I had to do to get here I don’t
think you do so stay tuned and keep your ears glued to the stereo
Cause here we go – he’s {*Jigga joint Jigga-chk-Jigga*
And I’m the sinister, Mr. Kiss-My-Ass it’s just the RENEGADE

That is classic stuff right there.

There is no right or wrong answer on which rapper is better, because they are two totally different styles of MCs.

To use a football comparison it would be like comparing Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders.  Two great backs, two different systems, two different personalities and two different styles.

Great barbershop talk, but never a definitive conclusion.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Skip wants to marry a black woman (watch out Jemele Hill) he has a little bit of undercover brother in him.  Probably listens to Gucci Mane on his way to the ESPN Studios.