Brett Favre Admits to Voicemails, Denies Sending “Lil Favre” Pics – BlackSportsOnline
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Brett Favre Admits to Voicemails, Denies Sending “Lil Favre” Pics

As a man I always thought the voicemails were worse than the “Lil Favre” pics.

The reason being Favre sounded thirsty and simpish, but I digress.

Favre is playing chicken with the NFL, if he is lying about the pics and the NFL can prove it, history shows Goodell will suspend him just off principle.

Here are the details:

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that Favre admitted to leaving voice mails with Sterger but denied sending penis pictures to her. In the voice mails that were posted by Deadspin, Favre tells Sterger he’d like to meet up with her, but while Deanna Favre might be curious why her husband was calling Sterger, there’s nothing in the voice mails that would constitute the kind of improper workplace conduct that would result in the NFL taking action.

My theory is that Favre pays Sterger and this all goes away in about a week or so.  Unless Favre honestly didn’t send the pics, then he has nothing to fear from Sterger going public.

So the money exchange will tell you if Favre believes that Sterger has anything legit on him.