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Cleveland Browns Security Guard Turns To Craigslist To Find Mysterious Female Fan

I am not sure if this is:

  • Simpin
  • Romantic
  • ReggieWayning
  • Bathwaterslurping
  • Stalking

Why don’t you read what this Cleveland Browns security guard put on Craigslist trying to find, I assume a pretty lady (for some reason I bet she is husky) he saw at last Sunday game courtesy of

Brown’s game oct. 3rd 2010 – m4w – 30 (cleveland)

You, isle 146, seat #4 I think, and either 3rd or 4th row up from the field. Me, goatee, security. We exchanged a few smiles. What did you give away to a gentleman sitting close to you. I know the answer, as well as you do. I have pictures of myself to the lady who gets it right. Even if you are not single, I think this could be a start of a friendship.

Back when I at was at The Ohio State University, Cleveland was considered a hard core city, but it has become very moist since Lebron took his talents to South Beach.

Also if this security guard was spending all his time checking out this woman, who was actually, you know, protecting the fans?

I am not going to call him a stalker, but he has definitely been watching Lifetime a lot and probably has some power blue capris in his closet.

And what is this about they can at least be friends?  You don’t go to Craiglist trying to find a woman you have never met before unless you are trying to rearrange her furniture the next time you meet her while getting your Brian Pumper on (I am not talking about redecorating).

Maybe Mo Williams can help him find her or they can both cry about their loss while eating bon bons watching Oprah.