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Jenn Sterger Backs Out of Hosting Big Ten Party

This is just unacceptable.

I don’t care what is going on with her and “Lil Favre”, you don’t bail out on the Big Ten and parties at the Bull & Bear Bar and Grill.

Off topic I am 99.7% sure the burgers at the Bull & Bear are DELICIOUS.

I understand Sterger is under some stress.

She pretty much holds the career of Brett Favre in the palm of her hands, but this is Wisconsin vs. The Ohio State in prime time—she needs to get her priorities in order.

TMZ has the details:

As the NFL investigation into Brett Favre heats up … TMZ has learned Jenn Sterger — the chick who’s allegedly on the receiving end of some p***s-heavy text messages — is pulling herself out of the party scene.

Sterger — a former NY Jets reporter — was scheduled to host a party called the Big Ten Tackle at Bull & Bear Bar and Grill in Chicago this weekend.

But now, with the investigation into P***s-gate underway, Sterger has fired off an email to the party promoters saying she’s “100% not attending the event.”

Sterger has collected her deposit and there is no word if she plans on paying it back.

The facts are this: if Sterger didn’t run her mouth to Deadspin and then send “Lil Favre” pics and voicemails to her friends (friends will turn on you quick with $10,000 is flashed in front of their face), Favre wouldn’t have to be acting like Bill Clinton at post game press conferences.

On the flip side, the money she ends up getting from Favre will more than cover her pain and suffering. Cue Nancy Grace.