Lawyer on Dwyane Wade’s Ex Siohvaughn: “We Question Her Mental Condition” – BlackSportsOnline
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Lawyer on Dwyane Wade’s Ex Siohvaughn: “We Question Her Mental Condition”

After a messy divorce Dwyane Wade has moved on to be the leader of the South Beach NWO, but there was still the matter of custody of his children.

Wade’s ex wife Siohvaughn Wade had a lot of “episodes” during the divorce proceedings to the point she was arrested for being for contempt of court.

Wade was granted temporary custody and now the lawyer that has been appointment over the proceedings thinks Siohvaughn needs to have a mental evaluation.  TMZ has the details:

According to new documents filed in Chicago — and obtained by TMZ — the attorney, Lester L. Barclay claims, “There is a question as to the mental condition and violent tendencies” of Siohvaughn Wade.

In the filing, Barclay claims Siohvaughn’s own testimony has revealed a history of extreme violence — and he believes she has “homicidal” and “suicidal” tendencies.

Bottom line … Barclay is asking the court to force Siohvaughn to undergo a psychiatric evaluation with a court-approved psychiatrist — and he wants their two kids to stay with Dwyane while the trial continues.

Pretty serious claims and if true I hope she gets the help that she needs because having homicidal and suicidal tendencies are not a good combination.

Before you dismiss it, just remember all the violent stories we have heard about athletes, spouses, girlfriends and mistresses over the last couple of years.

People who are hurt and scorned do very strange things and sometimes violent things.

You don’t want to brush it off as if it can’t happen to you, because it can.