Mugshots: OSU WR Justin Blackmon Arrested for DUI at 3:45am – BlackSportsOnline
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Mugshots: OSU WR Justin Blackmon Arrested for DUI at 3:45am

I put the time of the arrest in the article, so I can give the Robert Littal lesson of the day.

Doesn’t matter if you are black, white, male, female, an Avatar or Sam Cassell.

At 3:45am,  cops have only one goal besides following Pacman Jones,—that is to catch speeders and hope they have warrants or they are drunk or high.

That is how they build those nice jails they hold people in before they get bailed out.

Doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or a plumber. If you are out at 3:45am, go the speed limit, trust me it works out better.  Here are the details:

Oklahoma State Wide Receiver, Justin Blackmon was arrested for DUI early Tuesday morning, returning to Stillwater from the Dallas Cowboy football game in Arlington.

Blackmon, was clocked going 92mph in a 60mph zone around 3:45am. Blackmon was arrested in the town of Carrollton, a town about 20 mins outside Arlington.

Blackmon, who does not turn 21 until January, was said to be with three other friends as well. Justin, is the number one wide receiver in college football at the moment. In only 7 games Blackmon has 1112 yds receiving with 14 tds, making him the only receiver being seriously mentioned in the Heisman race

92MPH in a 60MPH wasted and underage?

Throw in he’s a solid NFL prospect, I think you know what is coming: