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NFL Wife Tia Robbins Has Biz To Keep Athletes Faithful

The cynic in me wants to say it is a high probability that Mrs. Robbins is being cheated on by her husband Rams DT Fred Robbins.

But for the sake of the story, lets assume he is the perfect husband.

This is brilliant business move by Mrs. Robbins (she is pretty— looks a little like Janet Jackson).  Considering by my estimation 99.7% athletes cheat, she should have plenty of clients.

Plus when the athletes get caught, their wives instead of asking for counseling will suggest Mrs. Robbins “program”.

Here are the details:

Robbins had coincidentally founded Off The Market, a company whose goal it is to keep athletes and their significant others faithful.

The company launched last year at a party in New York, but since Fred Robbins is now a defensive tackle with the St. Louis Rams, the next event — which will feature some 40 athletes and their wife or girlfriend — will be held in St. Louis at the end of the month.

Robbins says she’s confident that this is a real business. The event in New York was sponsored by a W Hotel, Judith Ripka jewelry, a concierge service and an athlete insurance company. She’s currently looking for sponsors for the Oct. 31 event.

Good for her, to at least try something that can never ever ever ever work.

But as a wise old drunk told me if you can save just 1 of 1000 demented souls you are doing good work.

I wish her well and since she is in Saint Louis where the BSO Headquarters are located, I think I might slide out to that event.

Do the Vikings play the Rams this year?

Maybe “Lil Favre” can make an appearance.

Or maybe this is all a hustle, sort of like Creflo Dollar?

On a side note, the pressure Fred Robbins has on him is enormous.  When your wife runs a business about being faithful, there is no way Robbins can get caught cheating.

It would effectively end his marriage and his wife’s business at the same time.

Hopefully when he does it, it is under an assume name and with escorts who are using the money to pay their way through college.

Of course he could just be faithful, but who are we fooling.


This was sort of a “throw away” article, but as soon it was posted the BSO BBM started buzzing.

An anonymous source wanted this to be included.  This is strictly hearsay, but interesting nevertheless.  I trust the source.

“I know Tia Robbins and when her and Fred was dating she was cheating on him with Stephon Marbury.  Maybury wasn’t the only one either.

That is why can run that business because she knows all about athletes and groupies.

I can’t believe Fred married her after he caught her cheating so much, she was sleeping with everybody.  Like hide yo kids, hide you wife.”

Starbury seems name to pop up a lot with these stories. I will let you come up with your own conclusion.