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Two More Women Come Forward With Lewd Texts Allegedly From Brett Farve

Oh, Brett….just think..waaaaaayyyy back to Monday, when your week was looking so great. Rumors swirling about Randy Moss coming back to Minnesota, and he actually did. You took off your Sketcher’s Shape Ups and probably headed into practice with the Super Bowl back in your sights.

Then, you week went downhill and fast. finally got their hands on those creepy voicemails and AWFUL ‘package’ pictures that were allegedly sent by you to former New York Jets employee Jen Sterger. The media caught wind(Jason Whitlock waited with baited breath), and even had the nerve to ask you about it in a press conference. Then the NFL announced they would be looking into these allegations.

Well Brett, I’d like to tell you that since it’s the weekend, you can just hunker down and ride this out. No such luck buddy. is reporting that they have two more women received lewd text message from Brett Farve.

Two women, former contracted massage therapists said that once Brett Farve came to the Jets, he started flirting immediately. One of the women states that as massage therapists it’s normal to give their phone numbers to athletes in case they need extra therapy. So therapist #1 gives Brett her number for that purpose.  Brett then uses the phone number to call the therapist and invite her and therapist #2 up to his hotel room. They realize what he wants and decline.

Apparently, the lewd text messages continue to therapist #2…so she informs him that she is married.  Farve apologizes….but that’s not the end of it. The husband calls Farve and demands a personal apology as well (and it’s not for the countless interceptions he threw that year). The husband claims that Farve refuses to apologize.

So therapist #2 and husband contact attorneys about the situation, but since therapist #2 is a contract employee, there isn’t anything they can pursue.

That is until Jen Sterger’s story hits the Post. So therapist #2 and husband contacted Deadspin, and said that would like speak to the NFL and the Jets before going public.

The only advice I can offer Farve is to play ‘lights out’ Monday, it just might smother the fire a little…..just a little. Other than that, just keep Bathroom Ben, and Tiger’s number on speed dial, you’re going to need some advice from them as well.